Please find below a collection of relevant research into national, regional and provincial Culture Sectors. Resources are listed in reverse chronological order.

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2019 Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce – Funding Directory

“A summary of federal and provincial government grants, subsidies and tax credits available to Prince Edward Island businesses was created on July 29, 2019 from information available on government websites.”

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2019 Conference Board of Canada – Cultural Labour Force Report

“A dynamic cultural sector is central to the success of Canada’s creative, knowledge-based economy. To stay abreast of the impacts on the labour market of rapidly evolving changes in the demand for and delivery of cultural products, the Cultural Human Resources Council commissioned The Conference Board of Canada to conduct this labour market information study, which updates a 2010 study. Accurate and up-to-date labour market information about the cultural sector is the best tool to enable individuals and organizations to respond to these changes.”

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2019 Respectful Workplaces in the Arts Documents

Here are resource documents presented by Jenn Deon at the Respectful Workplaces in the Arts workshop in Charlottetown on November 28, 2019. Respectful Workplaces in the Arts is a national campaign to build a sector-wide culture of fairness, dignity and respect. It is organized by the Cultural Human Resources Council with support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

View: Code of Conduct in the Performing Arts

View: Reporting and Investigating Mechanisms for Workplace Harassment in the Arts

View: HR Management Toolkit – Workplace Harassment and Violence

View: Quick Reference Compliance Guide – PEI

2018 Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage – A Vision for Creative Hubs and Creative Districts in Canada

“The Committee heard from many witnesses about the role that cultural hubs and districts play in bringing their communities together and promoting inclusion. Witnesses also highlighted a number of challenges that they face in terms of financial and human resources, as well as infrastructure. The Committee learned that the concepts of cultural hubs and districts are fluid. With these recommendations, the Committee hopes to provide better support for the development and sustainability of cultural hubs and districts across Canada.”

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2018 LaPlaca Cohen – Culture Track: Canada

“Culture Track: Canada is a study of the attitudes and behaviours of Canadian cultural consumers. It is the first Culture Track study fielded in Canada, building on the long-running research initiative of LaPlaca Cohen, a New York-based strategy, marketing, and design firm for the creative and cultural worlds. Culture Track: Canada sets an important baseline for both understanding the unique proclivities of Canada’s cultural audiences, and for future research efforts that can build upon insights first uncovered here.”

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2017 Cultivating Growth – PEI Culture and Creative Industries Strategy

“Cultivating Growth is the result of public research and consultation with Islanders active or interested in culture and the creative industries. It sets out a plan of specific actions over the next five years that will help advance artistic expression and creative industries in the province.”

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2016 Island Media Arts Cooperative – Strategy 2021

“The intent of this plan is to engage members, cultural stakeholders, Canada Council, and governments at all levels to develop a clear and ambitious plan that directly connects IMAC’s vision for filmmaking to PEI’s future.”

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2016 Nova Scotia –  Culture Action Plan: Creativity and Community

“We consider culture to include the arts, heritage, museums, libraries, archives, languages, cultural identity, traditions, spirituality, and how we interact with the natural world. And well beyond that traditional perspective, our Nova Scotia culture also includes our food and drink, heritage buildings, design and architecture, music and fashion, sports and recreation, and more.”

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2016 Ontario – The Ontario Culture Strategy: Telling Our Stories, growing our economy

“As our public engagement process made clear, culture is a fundamental, organic and vital part of our lives and our community life. Many people spoke or wrote about culture as a fourth pillar of community sustainability and well-being, alongside social equity, economic health and environmental responsibility.”

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2016 Statistics Canada – Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators, 2010 to 2014

The Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators cover culture (including arts and heritage) and sport across Canada in terms of output, gross domestic product and employment for the years 2010 to 2014.

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2015 Statistics Canada – Provincial and Territorial Cultural Satellite Account, 2010

“The Provincial and Territorial Cultural Satellite Account provides measures of the economic importance of culture (inclusive of the arts and heritage) and sport across Canada in terms of output, gross domestic product and employment, for reference year 2010.”

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2015 Cultural Labour Market Study

A comprehensive study of PEI’s Cultural Labour Market prepared for Culture PEI by Nordicity.

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2015 The Warwick Commission – Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth

“The key message from this report is that the government and the Cultural and Creative Industries need to take a united and coherent approach that guarantees equal access for everyone to a rich cultural education and the opportunity to live a creative life. There are barriers and inequalities in Britain today that prevent this from being a universal human right. This is bad for business and bad for society.”

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2014 New Brunswick – Creative Futures: A Renewed Cultural Policy for New Brunswick

“Vision: New Brunswick’s natural and cultural environments foster pride, inclusion and social justice, creativity, visionary thinking and an affirmation of our identities. New Brunswick celebrates its heritage, and cultivates an open, contemporary society, driven by learning, imagination, innovation and creation.”

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2013 Charlottetown – Charlottetown Arts and Culture Strategy

“The strategy specifies ways that the City of Charlottetown will deepen its support of arts and culture building on the momentum generated by its 2011 Cultural Capital of Canada designation.”

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2013 UNESCO – Creative Economy Report

“This special edition of the Creative Economy Report argues that creativity and culture are processes or attributes that are intimately bound up in the imagining and generation of new ideas, products or ways of interpreting the world. All these have monetary and non-monetary benefits that can be recognized as instrumental to human development. Transformational change is thus understood within a broader framework of human development and is recognized as a process that enhances the effective freedom of the people to pursue whatever they have reason to value.”

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2011 Community Foundation of PEI – Building the Capacity of PEI’s Third Sector

“This study looks at the social and economic impacts of the non-profit sector on PEI, identifies key challenges and determines which supports, resources and initiatives would be most beneficial for building capacity and sustainability within sector organizations.”

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2010 Andrew Terris – PEI’s Creative Economy

The slide deck from Andrew David Terris’s keynote address to the 2010 PEI Cultural Forum. Andrew David Terris is with ARTS NOVA Cultural Research and Consulting and is chair of the Research Committee of the Nova Scotia Cultural Action Network.

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2010 Creative Adaptation – PEI Hybrid Careers Study

A first look at the phenomenon of PEI artists pursuing hybrid careers prepared for the PEI Cultural Human Resources Sector Council by Megan Williams and Kelly Hill of Hill Strategies Research.

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2009 PEI Cultural Sector Training Strategy

A comprehensive training strategy for PEI’s Cultural Sector prepared for the PEI Cultural Human Resources Sector Council by Hill Strategies, Kelly Hill and Megan Williams.

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2009 Culture and Tourism on PEI

An initial exploration of the potential for collaboration between the cultural and tourism industries prepared for the PEI Cultural Human Resources Sector Council by the Tourism Research Centre School of Business at UPEI.

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2008 PEI Cultural Labour Force Supply and Demand Study

A quantitative survey of PEI’s Cultural Labour Force prepared for the PEI Cultural Human Resources Sector Council by MacPherson Roche Smith and Associates.

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2007 Statistics Canada – Economic Contribution of the Culture Sector to Canada’s Provinces

“This report provides a descriptive analysis of the economic contribution of the culture sector to the Canadian economy. Culture sector output and employment levels are measured for each province, for the years 1996 to 2003.”

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