The Gøod Podcast


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A Gøod conversation with King Kxndi’s community exploring the concept of Gøod, Art and the intersection of the two.

Featuring discussions with:

  • Eberechi aka Crown Prince Rechi babyyyy.
  • Chanel aka Shanaynay The Gøod Baby
  • Zaneta aka Di Mayor & coolest cat in Shligotown.
  • Makena aka KaMami Queenie Mi wife.
  • Lucky aka Lucky Bean
  • Ana aka Anasty the mayor of Transtown.
  • Mikey aka Mikey Woz
  • Nouhad aka The radical scorpio hottie
  • Sobia aka Queen HBB LOML
  • Fatiha aka Bella SiStar
  • King Kxndi aka a reaaaal BADMAN.
  • Andy aka Daddë
  • Tamara aka the Martin to my Malcolm
  • Chester
  • Mark Sandiford
  • Stephanie Arnold aka Eddie
  • Amirah aka Uncle Bob My Baby
  • Daniel Ohaegbu aka Zaddë

The Gøod Blog

The Gøod Manifesto

Coming 9.18.24

King Kxndi’s Mission Statement

The Gøod projxct is an exploration of Art, Gøod and the intersection of the two. At the he(art) of it all, it is a humanitarian project. It is a project based on the belief that humans are more than inherently Good, that they are Gods. A blend of Spirit and Creature put on Mama Earth to Create and Be. It is a project that explores what it means to be Gøod and how to be Saints on an Island and Planet that is drowning in hatred and exploitation. It is a project for Islanders by an Islander placed within the Island context.

It is a Black led, pro Black, pro Indigenous, pro Palestinian, pro Muslim project. This is an anti-oppressive project. It is a project that recognizes the long term harm of whiteness yet does not exclude whiteness. It is an anti-capitalist, pro liberation project.  The Gøod projxct is a spiritual, creative, and Island based artistic study that creates a brave space for us to challenge the notion that we are inherently bad. At the end of the Gøod projxct, King Kxndi’s hope is that Islanders come to realize the contrary, that we can be Gøod. That we can be Saints. That we can reach enlightenment collectively. It all depends on the choices we make individually, collectively and systematically. Ase.


King Kxndi talks with CBC Mainstreet host Matt Rainnie about The Gøod Project.

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