About Us

PEI Cultural Human Resources Sector Council Inc. was founded in 2006 to foster the growth of the culture sector in PEI through the development of the cultural workforce. In 2011, the organization rebranded as Culture PEI to reflect the fact that it had become the de facto leader and voice for the culture sector in the province. In November 2017, the organization rebranded again to establish a new role as Prince Edward Island’s creative industry catalyst. The new name: Creative PEI.


Creative PEI works on behalf of workers and enterprises operating within ten broad industries:

  Contemporary Art
  Craft & Design
  Writing & Publishing
  Museums & Heritage
  Film & TV
  Interactive Media


Mark Sandiford
Executive Director


Catherine O’Brien
Chair | Independent actor and theatre director

Lesley Caseley
Vice-Chair | Registrar at PEI Museums and Heritage Foundation

Peggy Reddin
Treasurer | Director of arts education at Confederation Centre

Lois MacNeill
Secretary | Videogame studio supervisor at Sculpin QA

Steve Love
Office and Program Manager at Music PEI

Cheryl Wagner
Executive Director at Charlottetown Film Festival

Beth Clinton
Regional Librarian, PEI Public Library Service

Christian Gallant
Owner, Triquetra Entertainment

Orysia Dawydiak
Independent writer

Rilla Marshall
Independent textile artist and artisan

Amy Kern Day
Owner, DownStreetDance

Danielle Gotell
Independent contemporary visual artist


We envision a sector that is creator centric. PEI’s creative sector emanates from the initiative of its creative workers. The sector thrives when the conditions are created for its creators to do their best work.

We envision a sector that is engaged with the community. PEI’s creative sector is embedded in everyday life and engages with everyone not only as audiences but as fellow creators.

We envision a sector that is impactful economically. PEI’s creative sector is a significant driver of economic growth in the province, directly and indirectly.

We envision a sector that is impactful socially. PEI’s creative sector is a significant contributor to learning, public discourse, health, wellbeing and general quality of life.


To achieve its vision, Creative PEI will provide exceptional client service and demonstrate leadership and expertise in program delivery, policy development and the administration of financial resources to improve the outcomes and incomes of Prince Edward Island’s creative industry workers and enterprises.

To provide the programs, services and expertise needed to expand and diversify Prince Edward Island’s creative industries, stimulate investment and employment in the creative industries and promote PEI’s creative products and services both at home and in the global marketplace.


We are committed to achieving collaborative relationships with clients and stakeholders. We work across departments and business lines to achieve common understanding and we believe diverse thinking styles, opinions and experiences contribute to better decisions and results.

We continually try new and better ways to solve problems and create value. We have the courage to challenge the status-quo, embrace and enable change and lead the way in technology and business processes.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality client service and believe this to be at the core of our mandate. We are open, honest and direct in our dealings and work closely with our clients and industry partners.

We treat each other, our clients and our stakeholders with honesty and respect. We keep our promises and commitments and we provide a safe and welcoming work environment.

Artists and cultural workers have the right to workspaces free from personal harassment, sexual harassment and violence. Creative PEI will not tolerate nor condone behaviour that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of an individual or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. We all must speak out against harassment and stand together in addressing problems when they arise.

We strive for excellence in all we do; each person’s contribution is critical to our success and we are passionately committed to the advancement of PEI’s creative industries.

We pride ourselves on building and sharing expertise in order to create success for our clients and stakeholders. Our passion for continuously expanding our knowledge base enables us to take a fresh and imaginative approach to everything we do.

We are committed to operating a sustainable organization and encourage our industry partners to support sustainable business practices across all sectors of the creative industries.

We are serious about our work but do not take ourselves too seriously. We value an optimistic, energetic and dynamic work environment that emphasizes social as well as business interaction. We are successful because we enjoy what we do.


Program based
All our activities exist within programs with clear and transparent objectives, processes, criteria and measures of success.

Peer review
Any program that requires a judgment call to determine benefits will use a peer review system of adjudication.

Every attempt will be made to ensure that program funding is leveraged to create the maximum impact for the money.

Program design and delivery will give all potential participants equitable access.

We subscribe to the idea that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Creative Process
We use the same creative process as our members, iterative cycles of continuous improvement involving observation, exploration, reflection, experimentation, production and evaluation.


Creative PEI is funded in whole or in part by the Canada/Prince Edward Island Labour Market Agreements.

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