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Organization and Leadership Skills Development

By July 9, 2021January 18th, 2022No Comments

Many individuals find themselves in leadership positions in arts and culture due to their knowledge and expertise in the sector. However, those individuals may not possess all the skills needed in order to manage their organizations. 

CreativePEI works with not-for-profit organizations in the arts, culture and creative sectors to strengthen their capacity in governance, program development, financial administration and evaluation.

The Organization and Leadership Skills Development program sees executives take part in training in the following areas: strategic planning, burnout prevention, operational planning, financial tools, communication, human resources, and how to collaborate with other groups and funders.

Boards are a critical part of the leadership of not-for-profit organizations in the sector.

CreativePEI offers board training in topics such as Results-based Board Governance. 

Results-based Board Governance is a hybrid model that takes a middle position between hands-on operational boards typical of very small organizations and hands-off policy boards seen in larger ones. This approach is particularly well-suited to creative industry organizations of the size and type we have on PEI.

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