Please Note

  • deadline to apply is Thursday March 21st, 2024
  • only organizations based in the Province of Prince Edward Island are eligible

Digital Skills for Youth is an internship opportunity that connects underemployed post-secondary graduates to meaningful employment with small businesses and not-for-profit organizations and gives them the skills to succeed in the digital economy. For-profit business or not-for-profit organizations with fewer than 500 employees who can provide valuable employment opportunities related to digital activities and skills can apply.

The Digital Skills for Youth Program is a non-repayable contribution program which aims to help underemployed post-secondary graduates enhance and develop digital and soft skills through work experience and training that will help them advance their digital skills, improve their employability and use their talent to their full potential so that they can succeed in the digital economy.

Digital Skills for Youth is funded by the Government of Canada through Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada


As part of the DS4Y PEI program, all interns will receive additional digital and career development training.

  • Intern Hosts can access up to $2000 to cover the costs of job-specific training materials.
  • CreativePEI will offer one hour per week of Essential Digital Skills and Career Development training.
  • Intern Hosts must allow the intern to be available for all required training sessions.


can include but are not limited to:

  • providing participants with the necessary equipment, workspace, workplace-related training and mentoring to participants to enhance and maximize Youth Interns’ experience; and
  • supporting Youth Interns in the development and implementation of work activities to provide participants with meaningful work experience and enhance their employability.


Eligible activities performed by Youth Interns meeting the eligibility requirements defined above can include but are not limited to:

  • software and video game development;
  • coding and app development;
  • network troubleshooting;
  • adaptive technologies;
  • website development;
  • web-enabled learning; and
  • social media campaigns and other content development.


  1. Under the Agreement, the Applicant is responsible for the hiring of an intern who meets the following criteria. The intern must;
    1. Be between 15 and 30 years of age inclusive at the start of the internship
    2. Have completed a program at a recognized post-secondary institution 
    3. Be legally entitled to work in Canada 
    4. Be a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or person who has been granted refugee status 
    5. Not be in receipt of Employment Insurance during the internship 
    6. Self-assess as unemployed or underemployed at the time of hiring 
    7. Not be an immediate family member of the person in charge of their hiring


The IHO will take into account employment equity considerations in the hiring process. Consideration should be given for participation from the five designated groups: Indigenous peoples, official languages minorities, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities and women.


The youth engagement process will involve:

  • Advertising the Project: the Intern Host Organization (IHO) is required to externally advertise DS4Y positions. The IHO may post openings at provincial or territorial Employment and Social Development Canada and Service Canada centres, local community colleges or universities, online, at job fairs or through other appropriate venues.
  • Receiving and Reviewing Applications: The IHO is permitted to request applications from any source as long as the selection process is fair, open and transparent.
  • Interview and Selection: The IHO will be responsible for the initial assessment of all applicants, the interview and the final selection. An intern assessment will help ensure that applicants fit the participant profile and that Employer is able to match work experience with Youth Intern career goals.


  1. Employers will be responsible for reporting on outcomes of the project, to be submitted no more than 30 days from its conclusion, as well as providing intern information on request.


Payment of eligible costs under this agreement shall not exceed $21,500, payable in instalments as follows: 

  1. a payment of 50% of the total value of the project to be paid upon contract signing.
  2. ongoing claims can be made for expenses incurred (wages, MERCS and training costs) each quarter thereafter


  • Youth salaries and benefits (as defined under the costing memorandum in the Contribution Agreement);
  • Wages and Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCS)
  • Costs related to youth upskilling (training);
  • Administrative expenditures, including costs related to central administrative functions of the eligible recipient organization (as defined under the costing memorandum in the Contribution Agreement);
  • Travel costs when necessary to implement a Project and meet Program objectives;
  • Purchase of goods and services, related to hiring youth interns and maintaining such position(s); and
  • Honoraria and hospitality costs with prior approval of the Minister.


  • The Minister will not contribute to Eligible Costs that are incurred between the Eligibility Date and the Effective Date of this Agreement in an amount that is greater than 20% of the total estimated Eligible Costs of the Project.
  • Salary costs for non-youth interns working within the IHO;
  • Salary costs for Youth Interns working within the Recipient Organization.
  • Equipment costs, office supplies and telecommunications fees incurred by the IHO;
  • Accounting and consulting fees in connection with financial reorganization, security issues, capital stock issues, obtaining of patents and licences and prosecution of claims against the Minister;
  • Losses on investments, bad debts and expenses for the collection thereof;
  • Losses on other agreements;
  • Federal and provincial corporate income taxes, excess profit taxes or surtaxes and/or special expenses in connection therewith;
  • Provisions for contingencies;
  • Provisions for life insurance on the lives of officers and/or directors where
  • proceeds accrue to the Recipient;
  • Amortization of unrealized appreciation of assets;
  • Depreciation of assets paid for by the Minister;
  • Interest charges due to late payments;
  • Fines and penalties;
  • Expenses and depreciation of excess facilities;
  • Unreasonable compensation for officers and employees;
  • Donations;
  • Dues, and other memberships other than regular trade and professional associations;
  • Fees, extraordinary or abnormal for professional advice in regard to administrative or accounting matters, unless prior approval from the Minister is obtained;
  • Lobbyist fees; and
  • Capital costs for the construction of a building or the purchase of land or buildings.


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Please Note

  • deadline to apply is Thursday March 21st, 2024
  • only organizations based in the Province of Prince Edward Island are eligible

For more information, please contact program coordinator Devon Strang –