The Town of Stratford’s Vision Statement:
The Town of Stratford has embraced the concept of Sustainability and has a vision of a future where: residents social, physical and spiritual needs are met, where our culture is diverse and thriving, where our heritage is protected and celebrated, where our natural environment is protected and respected, where there is a thriving local economy and where there is an open, accountable and collaborative governance system.

The Town of Stratford is seeking to commission one (1) public art piece, to be installed in the Pondside Park. The budget is $15,000.00 (including HST), which must include the design, fabrication, and installation. The finished work(s) of public art will become part of the Town of Stratford’s permanent art collection.

Project Description

Stratford has experienced extraordinary growth of the past 25 years. This grow has seen loss of habitat for our native species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and plants. There is also the ever-growing concern of climate change on our environment, and water quality concerns for all life. Through this public art proposal, we seek to celebrate the rich natural history of Stratford and educate residents and visitors on the impact of climate change on our community.

Artwork must be of high-quality original design, and not a reproduced piece. The artist(s) must guarantee that the work is of original design and the artist(s) owns all rights to what is used and does
not violate the copyright of any other person(s). The artist(s) must guarantee they will not reproduce the purchased work for any other person or client.
The artwork should generate excitement, wonder and inspiration among adults and children; should trigger those who come in contact with it to ask questions, and above all, it should engender a sense of community ownership and pride.

The Pondside Park Interactive Public Art Installation project is to provide an inviting and enjoyable place, which enhances the quality of experience in Stratford. The incorporation of Public Art into this setting is important in making this a special and inspiring place for residents and visitors. This public art should have a focus on the water environment, all the life water supports and the impact of climate change.

Work in any medium will be considered, such as stone, bronze, metal, and kinetic, and must be durable and suitable for outdoors with the ability to withstand the elements of a PEI climate as well as interaction with the general public for a reasonable number of years. The work must be safe, tamper resistant and easily maintained.

Due to the nature of this project and the possibility that the artwork may be vandalized, artists applying for this project must accept the risk that their artwork may be damaged, altered, or removed. The Town holds the right to remove the artwork (or section of the artwork) from the site if it poses an endangerment of public safety; if there is damage to the project site requiring repair or maintenance; and/or if it has documented significant adverse public reaction.

The artist(s) shall retain all copyrights in the artwork(s) but will grant the Town specific exclusive rights for various purposes including exhibition, loaning the artwork(s), reproduction for not-for-profit and educational purposes, re-siting the artwork(s), and/or de-accession of the artwork(s), as per the specific terms and conditions identified in the contract for services agreements.

The Town of Stratford will be responsible for the maintenance and conservation of all public art in the Town’s ownership, whether commissioned or donated. The Town will carry liability insurance for artwork when completely installed, however the artist is responsible to carry insurance and provide proof of such, for his/her artwork up to and including installation.
It is strongly recommended that the artist(s) visit the site before submitting a proposal.

This proposal request creates no obligation on the part of the Town of Stratford to award the contract or to reimburse proponents for proposal preparation expenses. The Town reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals, in whole or in part, received as a result of this request, and to negotiate in any manner necessary to best serve the interest of the Town.
At the election of the Town of Stratford, whether or not a proposal or proponent otherwise satisfies the requirements of the proposal request, the Town of Stratford may reject summarily any proposal received from a corporation or other person which has been anywise involved in litigation, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution with the Town of Stratford within the five (5) year period immediately preceding the date on which the request for Proposals was published.

The Town of Stratford may prohibit a proponent from participating in a procurement process based on past performance or based on inappropriate conduct in a prior procurement process, and such
inappropriate conduct shall include but not be limited to the following: (a) the submission of quotations containing misrepresentations or any other inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information; (b) the refusal of the proponent to honour its pricing or other commitments made in its proposal; or (c) any other conduct, situation or circumstance, as solely determined by the Town of Stratford.

Any questions in respect to this proposal request should be directed to the Recreation Program Leader, Tanya Craig, at or (902) 569-6925. Questions must be received no less than three (3) business days prior to the closing date stated herein.

Selection Process

The evaluation process will be done by the Stratford Arts and Culture sub-committee. Each proposal submission will be reviewed and scored independently by the members of the committee, then the average of each members’ review will be calculated to determine the final score of the proposal. The successful proponent will be the submission with the highest score out of the possible 100 points. The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Artistic Merit

50 points

• Substantiated by an artist’s past body of work
• Inherent quality of the proposal
• Vision, design, aesthetics, and excellence
• Experience working on projects of similar scale
• Ability to work with project team and residents, as appropriate
• Ability to complete the project within the timeline and budget
• Artist’s base*


2. Appropriateness for the site and meeting sustainability criteria

50 points

• Art piece is interactive
• Feasibility of construction and materials to be used
• Public safety/welfare
• Appropriate degree of durability
• Resistance to vandalism
• Ease of maintenance and repair


Total Score:

100 points

*Selection Committee will favour in this order:
1) Artists based in Stratford
2) Artists based in Prince Edward Island
3) Artists who propose work created in collaboration with Island Artists
4) Artists based in the Atlantic Provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador)
The Arts and Culture sub-committee will present their recommendation to the Stratford, Recreation, Culture and Events Committee. The Recreation, Culture and Events Committee will present to Committee of the Whole for approval to award the contract.


Overview of final project deliverables and artist responsibilities are as follows:

1. The final product shall be a permanent creative installation that is durable and requires minimal maintenance over a five (5) year period. The installation should be made of appropriate and durable materials, and artists should take into consideration the sustainability of the artwork. The selected artist(s) will be asked to provide a maintenance plan.

2. A work plan will demonstrate how the project will be completed on time, within budget, in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations, and will be reflective of the community input and feedback as obtained during the community consultation.

3. Artist(s) might be required to attend and participate in a community consultation led by the Town of Stratford’s Project Manager. The approved design proposal may have to be refined from the original design to reflect the discussion at the community consultation.

4. The selected artist(s) will be responsible for purchasing and supplying all materials. With assistance from the Town of Stratford’s Project Manager, arranging for any required permits.

Submission Requirements

The Town of Stratford/Stratford Recreation, Culture and Events Department
234 Shakespeare Drive
Stratford, PEI
C1B 2V8

Proponents are to include the following in their submission:

1. A one-page cover letter that includes: contact information – name, address, phone numbers (home, work, cellular), email address, web site, etc.

2. Descriptive proposal, including, but not limited to: a concept statement; technical details; material selection; information on the environmental sustainability of any artworks; considerations to ensure longevity of the artwork, to address any safety concerns and to be structurally resistant to weather and vandalism; method of installation ensuring an easy and smooth process; information on care of artwork(s) after installation; and any other additional pertinent information. Include an explanation of how the project will be interactive/experienced by the public and how the project takes advantage of public art’s ability to reach beyond the audience of traditional art venues and the public ownership it generates. The Committee understands and accepts that the concept presented is not a final design; rather it will be subject to further development/refinement.

3. One-page budget that lists the costs associated with the project (including labor) and a list of the materials to be used.

4. Artist resume.

5. 10 digital images of your work.

6. Self-addressed stamped envelope for returning submission materials, if required.

Completed submission is to be delivered to the above noted address in a sealed envelope clearly marked as follows:

Town of Stratford Interactive Public Art Installation – Pondside Park
Attention: Tanya Craig, Recreation Program Leader
Projected Timeline
January 6, 2021 at 12:00 pm(noon): Proposal submission deadline.
January 7, 2021: Meeting to review all public art proposals.
January 2021: Contract to be awarded and signed
50% First payment installment will be issued
July 30, 2021: public art piece(s) installed
Final payment will be issued once public art and installation(s) have been approved

Download a PDF version of the program information here.

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