Tourism Cavendish Beach Inc. (TCB) is a membership based, not-for- profit organization and has over 130  members found throughout the Green Gables Shore touring region. The Association’s mandate is to  develop and promote tourism products consistent with its brand strategy in order to increase and expand  visitation to the Green Gables Shore Region. TCB’s brand was established in 2016, a place with an  extensive history as Prince Edward Island’s premier beach region and one of the Island’s most in-demand  destination areas. TCB and its resident tourism operators are focused on the key pillars of: Family Fun;  Coastal; Recreation; and Culture.  

TCB recognizes that the tourism sector is now, more than ever before, increasingly competitive and  especially within the confines that we work within. The leaders of TCB seek for the organization to  become increasingly more interventionist and creative as they recognize the natural relationship between  tourism and community and the built and experiential assets which can set them apart – ultimately to  stimulate and support a tourism economy which is in much need of increasing support as we push toward  recovery. As part of its tourism economic thrust, TCB is working in alignment with the tourism strategies  of Prince Edward Island (the Department of Economic Development and Tourism) and the Government of  Canada (Destination Canada, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA). One of the leading  aspirations of the organization and its members is to achieve greater awareness and recognition as a travel destination. In order to achieve this, TCB must work to heighten its competitiveness and grow  tourism in an appropriate manner. 


Tourism Cavendish Beach (TCB) invites Prince Edward Island artists, designers, and architects to  participate in a competition for the design of an installation representing love in its Cavendish form. It is  the wish of TCB to create an installation that will be a must stop while in the region, PEI & Atlantic  Canada. The installation will attract visitors who will want to take a photograph with the installation and  create lasting memories that can be shared online.

TCB would like the installation to be interpreted and depict love in all its facets. The installation will be  located close to the entrance of Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk on route 6 in Cavendish. See the drawings  included as a separate attachment for images of the approximate location. 

TCB’s brand has been embraced as Cavendish Forever and representing how many visitors and  generations return to Cavendish many times year over the year and that the feeling of Cavendish and  memories never leave their hearts. In 2021, expanding on that brand, TCB is adding a focus on romance  and the love shared by couples, families and all compositions of groups visiting the area. A large part of  the plan is attracting couples and honeymooners to the region. Thus, TCB wishes to create an installation  that would represent that LOVE in all its forms and become the centerpiece of a new romance event in  development for June. 

Popular destinations often have an iconic representation of the area that attracts visitors for a  photographic souvenir of a vacation. For example, in the largest contexts, Paris has the Eiffel Tower,  London has Big Ben, and Rome has the Coliseum. In more regional contexts, there are locations which are  recognizable at once such as the Blueberry Man in Oxford NS, the big nickel in Sudbury, the large Canada  Goose in Wawa, Ontario and padlocks on the Love sign in Charlottetown. Some love examples would be  in the vein of those listed below. 

Scope of Work  

Proponents should complete drawings or a maquette that will be used to then construct the installation. Proponents can take some of the following ideas into consideration if they wish but these are optional  ideas and proponents may do their own research for what they deem as an appropriate depiction of love.  Other considerations include: 

  • The installation should be as low maintenance as possible. 
  • The installation must be large in size and visible from the road. 
  • The installation can include lighting, power, moving components and should be illuminated at  night. Lighting can be built in or from beyond the structure.  
  • The installation needs to be accessible for photography. 
  • The installation must be safe. 

Proponents should provide at minimum: front, back and side drawings to depict the installation from all  angles or a maquette/model in miniature if they so wish. Proponents should write a paragraph discussing  purpose, aesthetics, materials, possible colours, visibility, or other factors which may attract visitors. 


TCB has a total budget of $40,000 to design and manufacture the installation and it is expected to be  installed by June of 2021 and ahead of the summer season. 

Submission Details  

Submissions will be judged by a committee of Tourism Cavendish Beach. All submissions become the  property of Tourism Cavendish Beach and it reserves the right to accept or not accept any submissions  provided. 

The winning submission will be awarded $5,000. Tourism Cavendish Beach reserves the right to make  alterations to a selected design for reasons of safety or for any other reason. Should the selected  proponent be qualified to produce and install the final product, TCB will seek to enter into a design and  build agreement for the entire project with the proponent. 

Drawn submissions can be made electronically or on paper, in black and white or in colour, while  maquettes must be delivered to the Tourism Cavendish Beach office. All submissions must be received  by 12:00 p.m. noon, Thursday, April 15th, 2021. 

Mailing address: 

P.O. Box 151 

Hunter River, PEI 

C0A 1N0 

Physical location: 

Cavendish Visitor Information Centre 

7591 Cawnpore Lane 

Cavendish, PEI 

For further information, please contact Darcy Butler at: 

Phone: (902) 954-0065 


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