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Baseline Employment Numbers By Industry

Opportunity: There is a lack of accurate PEI culture sector labour market data at the industry/discipline level. Statistics Canada provides excellent sector level data through its Cultural Satellite Account. However, there are serious granularity issues with their industry-level numbers. This project is to create accurate culture sector employment numbers for PEI at the industry level to facilitate more effective program and policy development.

Initiative: The project is to engage with PEI industry organizations (Music PEI, the PEI Crafts Council, the Island Media Arts Co-op and others) to gather their employment data and analyze how it relates to Statistics Canada’s numbers. The goal is to gather existing numbers by industry, identify gaps, and design a process for addressing those gaps in a future project.

Status: In Progress


Opportunity: Sponsorship can be a very important part of the revenue mix for any not-for-profit arts and culture organization. This year, PEI has been given the opportunity to participate in artsVest, a program run by Business for the Arts, that offers training and matching funds to PEI cultural organizations to help them improve their sponsorship development.

Initiative: Creative PEI is participating in the artsVest program to increase its capacity to generate revenue from sponsorship. The goal is to generate a minimum of $7000 this fiscal year from sponsorship and artsVest matching funding.

Status: In Progress

Learn More: artsvest.com

Black Cultural Society

Opportunity: The Black Cultural Society is a small, volunteer organization and lacks administrative capacity to qualify for larger government grants.

Initiative: Creative PEI is providing fiscal sponsorship to the PEI Black Cultural Society to help them access funding for a variety of programs during the year. Some of the programming took place in July as part of the Festival for the Bog. The rest will happen during Black History Month in March 2018.

Status: In Progress

PEI Creativity Education Summit

Opportunity: Appropriate education and training is critical for the growth of the creative industries on PEI and to allow sector workers to find employment opportunities. Current creative sector education and training is not meeting the needs of industry. This gap has been identified by the PEI Film Summit, Island Media Arts Coop Strategy, Artisans on Main Strategy, Culture Sector in PEI: A Labour Market Study and others. It is also regularly reported by Culture PEI’s board members, industry organizations and individual workers and business owners.

Initiative: The Creativity Education Summit will gather together people from industry and education (K-12, postsecondary and private) to do some creative thinking on creativity education. They will develop a shared vision of what an amazing educational ecosystem would look like on PEI and some action steps to get there from here.  The date of the Creativity Education Summit is still to be determined.

Status: In Progress

Ongoing Projects

HIVE Cultural Entrepreneurship Incubator

Opportunity: A major stumbling block for young arts and culture workers entering the workplace is the lack of business skills. Over 70% of culture sector workers are self-employed. This is the reality of the gigging economy. Young arts and culture workers need to be able to set themselves up as businesses to position themselves for sustainable success.

Initiative: The HIVE is a 12-week program that hires young people (under age 30) to focus entirely on designing and launching their careers. The program includes a Business of Art Bootcamp, mentoring and peer support. Creative PEI has run 6 cohorts of the HIVE. 40 young people have gone through it and all are still in business, are employed in arts and culture or are advancing their education. Creative PEI expects to run a new cohort in 2018.

Status: In Progress

I Choose Arts

This is an exceptional online tool for young people considering a career in the arts. Working professionals from PEI’s arts sector deliver the straight goods about what to expect from your career: the good and the bad.

Status: Ongoing   

Learn More:   ichoosearts.com

2013 Careers in Culture Videos

In 2013, Culture PEI launched a video series and booklet outlining 13 careers in the Culture Sector. This is still an excellent resource.

Status: Ongoing

Learn More: Careers in Culture Videos

Academy Diploma Program in Arts and Culture

Creative PEI is the PEI Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture’s industry partner in its innovative Academy Diploma Program for Arts and Culture. The program, offered at Bluefield and Colonel Gray High Schools, enables students to gain arts and culture sector-specific skills and knowledge in the context of engaging, career-related learning environments. Creative PEI advises on the program and helps the students make industry contacts for specific training and co-op placements.

Status: Ongoing

Organization Development

Creative PEI works with not-for-profit organizations in the arts, culture and creative sectors to strengthen their capacity in governance, program development, financial administration and evaluation.

Status: Ongoing

Theatre Production Mentorship Program

Initiative: The Theatre Production Mentorship Program provided providing on-the-job mentorship to recent theatre graduates to round out their training. This will allow them to be hired by PEI theatres addressing the critical shortage of job-ready backstage workers in the industry.

Outcome: The program was run as a pilot project in the 2016 and 2017. 32 participants have successfully completed the program.

Status: Ongoing

Recent Projects

PEI Theatre Summit

Opportunity: Theatre is a thriving business on PEI. In 2017 ticket sales were up across the Island with the Confederation Centre’s Charlottetown Festival posting a 44% increase over the previous year. PEI is increasingly being recognized as Atlantic Canada’s top summer theatre destination. According to Statistics Canada’s Cultural Satellite Account (CSA) published in 2015, live performance contributes $4 million to PEI’s GDP and represents 198 jobs. Theatre is also a significant driver of tourism throughout the province. It is possible to imagine PEI becoming “Canada’s Theatre Island” analogous to the success of PEI’s Food Island branding.  

Initiative: The Theatre Summit will be held in partnership with the Professional Theatre Network of PEI. It will bring together stakeholders in the theatre industry to develop a shared vision of the future of theatre on PEI and action steps to make it happen. The date of the Theatre Summit is still to be determined.

Status: Recent

PEI Singfest 2017

Initiative: Culture PEI was one of the community partners with UPEI’s Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing project, helping  to design and run the inaugural PEI SingFest, a celebration of the singing voice.

Outcome: The event ran from October 15 to 21 and included events across the province. SingFest was very successful and looks like it will become an annual event.

Status: Recently Completed

Learn More: facebook.com/singfestPEI


Initiative: Culture PEI took on the role of provincial coordinator for Culture Days, a national program celebrating culture.

Outcome: The 2017 edition of Culture Days ran from September 29 to October 1. 20 events took place across the province.

Status: Recently Completed

Learn More: culturedays.ca

PEI Film Summit 2017

Initiative: Culture PEI organized the PEI Film Summit in partnership with the Island Media Arts Co-op.

Outcome: The one-day event was held on August 7, 2017. Over 40 members of PEI’s Film and TV industry met to develop a shared vision and ten key action steps to get there from here. The event was very successful with 100% of respondents rating the event as very good or excellent. It will serve as a model for future industry summits.

Status: Recently Completed

PEI Fest 2017

Initiative: Culture PEI provided fiscal sponsorship for the Youth Social Entrepreneurship Conference component of the inaugural PEI Fest.

Outcome: The conference was held July 13-16, 2017.

Status: Recently Completed

Learn More: peifest.com

Future Projects

Complementary Careers Study 

50% of PEI creative sector workers need to find work from outside the sector to supplement their incomes. (Hybrid Careers Study, Hill Strategies Research, 2010) Creative workers, especially at the start of their careers, need opportunities to work in complementary careers that balance out the part-time and seasonal issues involved in creative sector work.

Industry needs workers to have viable careers or they will leave the sector. The Province needs workers, especially young workers, to have viable careers or they will leave the province.

Status: Future


Creative industries workers and businesses have no organized online marketplace for their products and services so business opportunities are missed. In 2015, Culture PEI partnered with the Fédération culturelle de l’ÎPÉ to conduct a study to develop a platform concept, conduct a needs assessment and validate the concept, and develop platform specification.

Creative PEI is currently seeking funding partners to develop the Agora platform.

Status: Future


Opportunity: The success of the Theatre Production Mentorships Pilot Program identified an ongoing opportunity for PEI to provide a bridge for young theatre production graduates moving from school to their professional careers. The program would allow recent graduates to work under the supervision of a mentor in one of PEI’s theatres to gain the on-the-job experience necessary to be hired in the industry.

Status: Upcoming


Opportunity: A barrier to creative development is the lack of a space for getting together to brainstorm and shape new ideas. There is a need for a free-to-use, bookable space optimized for creative collaboration that is accessible to arts, culture and creative industry groups, large and small.

Status: Future

Creative Hub

Opportunity: This is a top priority for many people working in arts, culture and creative industries in PEI. A creative hub would allow for access to specialized facilities and equipment. But, most importantly, it would create a mutually-supportive community of practitioners, learners and businesses.

Status: Future

Rural Culture Clusters

Opportunity: Creative PEI believes that clustering is the secret to success for arts and culture enterprises in rural PEI. The vision is to create culture clusters across the province that feature multiple cultural offerings all within walking distance of each other and of restaurants and accommodations.

Status: Future

Arts & Creativity Learning Community

Opportunity: The fact that PEI does not have an existing art school creates an opportunity to develop a new approach to post-secondary arts and creativity education. Developed in conjunction with a Creative Hub, a new Learning Community could use mentorships, master classes, residencies, hackathons and other methods to deliver lifelong professional education more effectively and efficiently than conventional models.

Status: Future

Art for Social Change

Opportunity: Art for Social Change involves artists who are working with diverse communities to create positive change through processes of participatory art making. It has already been shown to be a good fit for PEI through projects like the River Clyde Pageant and SingFest. Expanding this area of practice for PEI artists could lead to both increased social impact and increased revenue stream for artists, especially off-season.

Status: Future

Status of the Artist Legislation

Opportunity: Now in place federally and in many provinces, Status of the Artist legislation recognizes the important role of the creator in society and promotes an understanding of the unique manner in which artists work. Having this legislation in place in PEI will place artists on an equal footing with other professionals in the labour market and to earn a more equitable share of the profits on their work within the public art economy.

Status: Future

PEI Public Broadcaster

Opportunity: PEI does not have a TV broadcaster that can license original programming and trigger federal production supports. The CRTC allows for each province to have a public broadcaster. TV Ontario and BC’s Knowledge Network are examples. A proposed national consortium of provincial public broadcasters could provide a cost-effective opportunity to make this a reality.

Status: Future


Creative PEI is funded in whole or in part by the Canada/Prince Edward Island Labour Market Agreements.

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