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Expired Opportunity

Call for Written Submissions re: Craft

By July 14, 2022May 1st, 2023One Comment

We’re curious to hear from writers, artists and critics in order to expand, respond and deepen conversations inspired by the artistic vision of emerging and established artists who are pushing the boundaries of art and culture in the Atlantic. We are seeking pitches for features, profiles and exhibition reviews, and prioritize work that pushes back against white supremacy and colonialism because we are committed to supporting anti-oppression, anti-racism, Indigenous sovereignty, Black liberation, and sexual and gender diversity.

One Comment

  • Kurt Nielsen says:

    My art series developed since 1994, is a fusion of culture, it is genderless/non specific
    I’m white-ish but I’m told we have some Cree Native Roots
    My art may look like some aspects of Hinduism, Celtic, Thai Buddhism, Tribalism/Native Haida, African and even Extra terrestrial to a degree but has no religion.

    It does not insult or point fingers, it just inspires and teaches
    It feels alien but people are drawn in with an inner feeling that it connects us all.
    It respects nature and uses nature wisely promoting balance with symmetry
    There is no religious, technological, environmental or political agenda, it just is what it is.

    Ideally if you feel there is white supremacy in Canadian Culture, then you should be using the cultural art of a white or mostly white person or a mixed team freely promoting the same ideas with no “agenda”, that is considered mostly acceptable by all, shows the power and beauty of culture in a positive way to inspire others. I’d like a team to help me work on and finish the job.
    I have also produced music that matches the work.

    I’ve had people pull up in car loads on my lawn while painting a 9ft mural attached to my fence in my driveway, one police officer in a cruiser pulled up on my lawn and got out to ask me in amazement what it was that I was working on.

    There are elements of the work that naturally become 3D, I did not plan this.
    I’ve also have support/testimony video from Professor Annabel Cohen at UPEI of my drawing technique whereby she watched people people of different lifestyles that weren’t all artists listening to the same music eventually begin to draw the same thing in almost the same areas letting their hand be pulled like a magnet. (I have this on video)

    Anyway, I could say more but I’ll leave that for another time. I could send some direct samples. I don’t have it all posted anywhere specific.

    I’m also a 3D modeler, animator, scene creator etc and have been converting my art to 3D so people can virtually experience it with VR.

    I might be able to diffuse tensions across the board but the art I do is open to interpretation, it does not tell anyone how to think feel or react, it invites them to feel, think and have a reaction -hopefully positive.

    In my view, my own art has been oppressed from galleries in favor of Victorian art styles, nick knacks, dots, zig zags, portraits etc but I understand, people often fear change and stay in their comfort zone hoping people like the same thing. So over the years I’ve just kept my art away from galleries.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Kurt Nielsen
    Cell 902-218-8845
    Home: 902-367-0597

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