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Call for Logo Design

By July 20, 2021No Comments

Organization Description
CreativePEI is the umbrella industry organization for the creative sector in Prince Edward Island. Its mission is to improve the outcomes and incomes of PEI’s arts, culture, and creative industries workers through training, information, networking, advocacy, shared services, and collective action. CreativePEI supports Prince Edward Island’s arts, culture, and creative sector workers and celebrates the contributions creative thinking and work brings to our communities.

We work on behalf of professionals in twelve creative industries: Visual Art, Craft, Design, Theatre, Dance, Writing & Publishing, Libraries, Music, Museums & Heritage, Libraries, Film, and Video games.

Project Summary
CreativePEI seeks to refresh and modernize our logo. We are planning on releasing a refreshed website in September and would like to release the new logo at the same time.

Project Objectives
Our objective for our logo refresh is to be better able to present our organization and our sector in a more positive and exciting light. We’d like to position our organization as a forward-thinking leader in our province’s society and economy. We’d like to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the impact made on our quality of life by the creative sector. We’d like workers to feel pride in being part of PEI’s creative sector.

Target Audience
Our Target Audience is the workers of the arts, culture and creative sectors of PEI and our peer organizations in the sector. Secondary audiences would be the general public, and our partners at municipal, provincial and federal agencies.

Logo (brandmark / wordmark) for:
– Print
– Website
– “Square” version for Social Media
– With high legibility on light and dark backgrounds
– Font pairing recommendations for print and especially website
– Colour Pallet recommendations for print and especially website

Our “Competition” and Peers:
– PEI Craft Council
– Innovation PEI
– PEI Cultural Strategy
– Confederation Centre of The Arts
– The Guild
– Music PEI
– Creative Manitoba
– Ontario Creates
– Creative Saskatchewan
– Creative British Columbia

We are open to a completely new and different take on our logo.
This is what we still like about our current logo:
– The “C” somewhat resembles the c in the copyright logo © which connotes intellectual property – something that is produced in abundance in the arts, culture & creative sectors.
– We like the concept of the blue and green splashes of colour around the C, but do not like the execution.
– We do not like the shades of the blue and green colours in the logo. We’ve started experimenting with a darker, “earthy” blue and rust coloured red on our website.

We would like to have this project completed by August 31st, 2021.

Our budget for this project is $1500.

Final decisions regarding the logo will be made by a small committee made up of members of Creative PEI’s Board of Directors.

Communication including deliverables and feedback will be directed to:
Devon Strang
Digital Development Coordinator

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